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Volunteering with NABU Armenia

Do you love nature? Do you want to make new friends, gain new skills and simply have fun with naturalists and just nature lovers as you? So this is for you, register now and become" NABU Armenia"... more

“Eagles of Armenia” - new Eco-educational campaign will be launched

Attention, attention!!!

We are happy to announce, that from May 1 “Eagles of Armenia” eco-educational campaign will start. It is a part of the “Birds of Prey conservation project in Armenia... more

Clean coast, clean spring

The main causes of contamination of water ecosystems in Armenia are agricultural and industrial activities, as well as indifferent attitude of the population.

In 2018 NABU carried out a... more

"Vulture Awareness Month" in Armenia

Dear followers of NABU! September 1st International Knowledge Day and we extend our congratulations; however, as you may know, today is also the International Day of Vulture Awareness,... more

Start yourself

It is often said: One man is no man. This does not refer to environmental issues. Here each of us can contribute to the preservation of the environment. Many people live without thinking about how... more


In the modern world, the need for environmental education of the society increases along the consistent growth of the influence that the society has on the environment. People working in any field... more