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Development of cooperation and exchange of experience in the study and protection of birds of prey in Armenia and Bulgaria

From May 6 to 12, 2023, employees of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU) from Berlin and the NABU branch in Armenia got acquainted with the experience of studying, preserving and rehabilitating birds of prey in Bulgaria.  
The first part of the trip took place from an expedition to observe the nesting of sun eagles in the southeastern part of Bulgaria.The second part of the trip included a visit to the center for breeding and rehabilitation of birds of prey in Staraya Zagora and studying the experience of its work.In addition to observing eagles, the representative also had a chance to observe vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes. During the third part of the trip, nests, feeding areas and release adaptations were observed, which gave an idea of the successful conservation efforts of vultures and black vultures in Bulgaria.
Thanks to this visit, NABU employees were able to get acquainted with the experience of colleagues from Bulgaria, gain valuable knowledge and information for the development of Armenian projects and discuss opportunities for cooperation in Armenia.

The NABU branch in Armenia expresses its sincere gratitude to our partners from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds for organizing a working trip, an interesting experience of successful work and the exchange of important knowledge!
Cooperation on the conservation of eagles and vultures should become deeper with our Bulgarian partners. We believe this partnership will help us continue our efforts to preserve these magnificent birds and their habitats.

We look forward to continuing our joint work and making a positive contribution to the conservation of birds in the Caucasus and the Balkans.