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NABU's new online camera will allow you to get acquainted with the life of the White Stork

We have very good news for everyone

Tomorrow you will be able to personally witness the daily life of White Storks via an online camera installed by our organization.

The online camera was installed in the area of ​​one of the White Storks nesting in the village of Armash. The installation of the camera pursues the following goals:

  • Study of nesting characteristics
  • Study of fodder base of storks,
  • Detection of the causes of contamination of stork feathers.

Note that in 2019 the clamorous cases are repeated this year. During the monitoring visits of our team, we discovered many birds nesting in different communities of Ararat region, the feathers of which are polluted. We hope that with the help of the camera we will be able to understand the cause of the problem and solve it together.

Let's find out the causes of stork pollution together, give them basic solutions, go back to their lives and start protecting them.

We would like to thank Tigran Matevosyan, the warm and hospitable family of the Simonyans and the Pulse Service for their support.