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The potential of wetlands in Armenia

The spring bird migration is nearing its end, and sedentary or early nesting species are already raising their young in the wetlands surveyed by the Araks Valley Wetland Conservation Program.

Wetlands in Ararat and Armavir marzes, which include fish ponds, rivers, temporary floodplains, man-made reservoirs (formed on the site of unused sand mines), are vital for many of the migratory and nesting species directly dependent on such areas. During our ornithological research, a number of endangered species were identified, which are included in both the Red Book of Animals of Armenia and the IUCN Red List. In particular, we managed to register a total of 23 bird species.

This number of endangered species makes up 24% of the bird species registered in the RA Red Book. By improving the habitats of these species, recognizing and preserving them, together we can achieve a positive outcome for both animals and humans.

It should be reminded that the project is implemented by the Branch of the German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in RA with the support of the Michael Otto Umweltstiftung environmental foundation.