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Formation of a volunteer group in Djrarat

Within the framework of the project "Protection of Wetlands in the Araks Valley with Community Involvement", a volunteer group was formed in the village of Jrarat, Armavir region (Araks community), whose members are active local citizens who have committed themselves to preserve the wetlands of their community. In the course of their activities, volunteers will collect information about local environmental problems, the presence of animal species and related problems, and, if possible, will contribute to the preservation of the purity and biodiversity of the territory.

Our employees presented the objectives of the program and the results already obtained to the group members in advance, the existing environmental problems and possible solutions related to them were discussed․

In order to facilitate the work of the volunteer group within the framework of the project, the Armenian branch of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU), with the assistance of the Michael Otto Environmental Foundation, provided field equipment, communications equipment, photographic equipment, a computer and optical devices․