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“Clean Shore, Clean Spring: 2020” Environmental campaign

By adopting resolution 47/193 of 22 February 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as World Water Day. Since, the World Water Day has been celebrated in many countries around the world. The March 22 is a unique opportunity to remind humanity of the vital importance of water resources for the environment and the development of society, hence, NABU Armenian branch also joined in the celebration of this important day and launched the “Clean Shore, Clean Spring” campaign.

Water areas rich in unique species of animals and plants are extremely important both for wildlife and for human life, therefore, the protection of these territories is the responsibility of each of us.

The main causes of pollution of water ecosystems in Armenia are agricultural and industrial activities, as well as the indifferent attitude of the population to this problem, despite the fact that water resources are the wealth of Armenia. World Water Day 2020 is dedicated to water and climate change, as well as the inextricable link that exists between them. The campaign demonstrates how our approach to water use will help reduce floods, droughts, water shortages and pollution and help to overcome the climate change.

As the problem of water pollution and the low level of environmental education in Armenia remains relevant, Armenian branch of NABU plans to continue the “Clean Shore, Clean Spring” campaign from March 22, 2020. The campaign will not only contribute to a clean environment, but will also develop the ecological culture of the participants, who themselves will later become an example for others.

This campaign by the Armenian branch of NABU provides an opportunity to develop an active attitude towards the problems of environmental pollution, in particular pollution of water resources. Also, “Clean Shore, Clean Spring” campaign promotes a responsible attitude towards nature and water resources, drawing public attention to identifying and solving the environmental problems.

ATTENTION: Concerning the situation of the viral epidemic (Coronavirus) prevailing in the world, including in Armenia, we have to postpone the start of events for the next months - according to the requirements of the regulations on the Emergency Situation of the Republic of Armenia. The campaign will launch on March 22, but the activities will be carried out after the end of the emergency period (April 16). Information on further updates, start dates and opportunities of participation will be announced on the organization’s website and on social networks.

Stay tuned for campaign updates and be healthy.