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Installation of satellite trackers on white storks

Satellite trackers have been installed on White Storks by the Branch of the German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in the Republic of Armenia to track and study the migration of birds.

Studying the problem of white stork pollution, we have been carrying out work and measures since 2020 to find out the source and causes of pollution, in order to prevent them in the future.

It is clear to all of us that flying for polluted storks is quite difficult, if not impossible, it can lead to the death of the birds. Polluted storks may not fly, spend the winter in Armenia or change their way. In order to find the answers to all these questions, we have installed satellite trackers on several storks that will allow us to follow the migration of birds, find out where storks do migrate, in which ways, are they not threatened on the way, or will the birds prefer to spend the winter in Armenia?

At the same time, we continue the stork ringing and registration works in Ararat and Armavir marzes, as well as the rescue work of injured storks.

Thanks to all this work and effort, we will be able to conduct even more in-depth studies of storks, to find out the consequences of their large-scale pollution.

We also thank the Ministry of Environment for its support.