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“International Bat Night 2018”

August 25 and 26 NABU_Armenia, together with the “Association of Armenian Mammologists” NGO, , had organized an “International Bat Night 2018” camp, in the canyon of Gndevank, with a purpose to raise the public awarenesson bats in Armenia, methods of their study and measures of their protection. During the two-day camp, the specialists of the Department of Zoology, Yerevan State University, had presented the modern methods and techniques of bat research, such as bat catching with ultra-thin nets for various morphological and genetic studies, ultrasound detectors, which were applied on spot to givelet our participants a chance to hear the bats; nesting boxes, which were prepared to provide forest bat species with nests, and many more. Specialists also gave an interesting talk about the bats inhabting Armenia.

The participants, despite various backgrounds, showed genuine interest and love to the nature. Among them, there were teachers, NABU-Armenia volunteers, universities students, and others. We also had international participants from Germany (students and researchers), who were camping in the same area and, interested in the topic, decided to join our event. They took part in all the lectures and field works, and just like all the local participants, got certificates of participation.

In addition, the participants of the event prepared interesting materials about bats that they shared around the fire later in the day; the most active participants got awards.

Another highlight of the event was the clean up, organized by our participant Narine Piloyan, a biology teacher in Ayntap school. Together with younger participants, they undertook the cleaning of the river banks and camping area.

In the end of the initiative we visited the Noravank Monastery.

For the feedbacks from our participants press  here (only in Armenian). 


“International Bat Night” is a global event, which is being held annually started from 1997 in different countries all over the world. Its aim is to raise awareness of the society about bats biodiversity, methods of their study and measures of their protection. The event takes place in over 30 countries all over the world. During this day social, scientific and educational institutions and groups engage in educational and informational activities. In 2018, the “International Bat Night” was scheduled for 25th and 26th of August, but the date can vary depending on various natural factors. In August 2018, there were organized over 228 events as part of “International Bat Night 2018”.